Error of "Exceeded Liquidity Window Limit" in MT4

            This can be caused by many different things. To clear this error:

            1. First, try closing MT4 and PitView, then Re-Start MT4.  This may solve your problem.  If not, then the following steps work for most causes.
            2. Remove ALL PitVew indicators from ALL MT4 charts.  (Many times this will fix the issue as the indicators were attached to a chart not in focus.)
            3. Clear the PitView Global Variables in MT4:
              1. Hit the F3 Key OR from the MT4 Menu bar, Select "Tools" > "Global Variables"
              2. If this page is empty of all Variables, then proceed to the next section, otherwise,
              3. Highlight and Delete ALL variables related to PitView, that start with PV.
              4. Click on the “Close” button
            4. Clear the Objects associated with PitView in MT4:
              1. Hit the Ctrl+B keys simultaneously OR from the MT4 Menu Bar, Select “Charts” > “Objects” > “Object Lists”
              2. Select the “List All” Button on the right of the window that opens
              3. Highlight and Delete ALL variables related to PitView and Pit-Trader.
              4. Select the “Close” button
            5. Restart MT4
            6. You to get back the regular template settings for Pit Trader, switch templates back and forth.

            You should be all set!

            Updated: 12 Jul 2017 11:07 AM
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