How do I automatically install the PitView Trade Ticket and Charting Interface for MT4?

            To automatically install the PitView Trade Ticket and Charin Interface to MT 4:

            1. Close all instances of MT4.

            2. Start PitView™ for Forex and log in with your E Mail Address and Password.  When you start PitView™ Version 4.1, or higher) up the first time,  you will see a small window with each of the instances of MT4 installed on your computer listed:  (YOU CAN ALSO GET TO THIS WINDOW BY GOING TO THE "HELP" MENU ON THE PITVIEW™ DESKTOP AND SELECTING "Install PitView Files on MT4".)

            3. Make sure that the correct MT4 instance, or instances are selected.

            4. Select the "Install" Button.

            5. Keep this window open for reference.

            6. Start your MT4 Platform and connect to your live data.

            7. In MT4, select and click "AutoTrading" from the top toolbar to enable it.

            8. In the "Navigator" on the left side of MT4, under "Expert Advisors" double-click "PitView Trading" (If the MT4 Navigator Window is not open, you can open it by simultaneously pressing the "CTR-D" keys.)

            9. A new window will open in MT4.  Select the "Common" tab at the top

            a. "Allow Live Trading".

            b. "Allow DLL Imports"

            c. Make sure both are checked.

            10. Select the "Inputs" tab.

            a. Notice the "Port" value.  The default is "0"  If you have multiple installations of MT 4 you would like to use with PitView™, each will need a different port number if you are going to use them simultaneously.

            b. Select "OK".

            11.  Windows Firewall will give you a security alert.  This bridge that connects PitView™ to MT4 needs to open a port on the Private side of the network.  This is not a port to the outside world, just between PitView™ and MT4, so there are no security issues to be concerned about. Select "Allow Access".

            12. You should now see "PitViewTrading" and a smiley in the corner of one of your charts.  It only needs to be attached to one of your charts to trade any pair.

            13. Close the "MT 4 EA Install" confirmation window in PitVIew™.

             You can now trade from the FX PairView™ Window by selecting the "Open Trade Ticket" Icon form any FX PairView" window.

            You can also open a PitView™ Trade Ticket from icon the Main PitView™ toolbar.

            You can also change your chart parameters from FX PairView".

            Updated: 02 Jul 2017 03:09 AM
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