The PitView Indicator shows a "flatline" on the left side of the chart when you zoom out.

            In order to conserve resources and bandwidth, the PitView indicator has a limit on how many bars it retrieves per chart.  If you notice that there is a flat-line at the beginning of the chart (the left hand side), you can retrieve additional bars by changing the default number that the Indicator retrieves by changing the following setting:

            1.  Right-click on the your MT4 chart

            2.  Select Indicator List from the Pop-up menu

            3.  Select the Indicator you would like change

            4.  Select the Inputs tab

            5.  Double-click on field to the right of the box labeled Number of bars to return

            6.  Enter a larger number of bars to be retrieved.  Remember, the larger the number the longer for the plot to update

            7.   Select the OK button when finished

            Updated: 02 Jul 2017 02:56 AM
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